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The book of Exodus was written by Moses.  Some scholars add a caveat that Moses must have had several people helping compile and gather all the material.  The Exodus happened about 1445BC. but there is support for a later date of early thirteenth century.  This means the Exodus began in 1875BC if the time in the land was 430 years as most believe (Ex 12:40-41; Genesis 15:13 & Acts 7:6 say 400 years).  There is a 215-year theory that comes from Ex12:40 Septuagint that theorizes it was 430 years of sojourn in Canaan and Egypt.  It's 215 year from the time Abraham receives the promise to when Jacob entered the land and then 215 years in Egypt till the law was delivered to Moses. 

Needless to say, the dates are hard to nail down.  No one set of facts goes unchallenged by another set.  The bible has never been proven wrong, so figuring out why the facts don't seem to match is the exercise.  What we can know is that Moses had been 40 years old after being raised and educated in the Pharaoh's courts when he left Egypt.  He was 40 years in the Midian desert being prepared by God.  He began the Exodus at 80 and spent another 40 years taking the Israelites to the Promised Land.

Outline of the book of Exodus

  • Slavery of God's people
  • Birth of Moses – calling of deliverer
  • Headed home
  • The desert journey
  • Giving of the law
  • The Tabernacle & Priests
  • Rebellion & Judgment
  • A Return to Exodus
The Israelites Oppressed
The Birth of Moses
Moses Flees to Midian
Moses and the Burning Bush

Signs for Moses
Moses Returns to Egypt
Bricks Without Straw
God Promises Deliverance
Family Record of Moses and Aaron
Aaron to Speak for Moses
Aaron To Speak for Moses
Aaron's Staff Becomes a Snake
The Plague of Blood
The Plague of Frogs
The Plague of Gnats
The Plague of Flies
The Plague on Livestock
The Plague of Boils
The Plague of Hail
The Plague of Locusts
The Plague of Darkness
The Plague of the Firstborn
The Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread
The Exodus
Consecration of the Firstborn
Crossing the Sea
The Song of Moses and Miriam
Manna & Quail
Water from the Rock
Jethro Visits Moses
At Mount Sinai
The Ten Commandments
Hebrew Servants
Personal Injuries
Protection of Property
Social Responsibility
Law of Justice and Mercy
Sabbath Laws
The Covenant Confirmed
Offerings for the Tabernacle
The Ark
The Table
The Lampstand
The Tabernacle
The Altar of Burnt Offering
The Courtyard
Oil for the Lampstand
The Priestly Garments
The Ephod
The Breastpiece
Consecration of the Priests