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The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John study & commentary
John's purpose is shown in John 20:31 – that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ , the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.  Where the other gospels look at blood lines, John wants us to know who God is.  John's focus is on the deity of Jesus Christ and the fact that He is the Son of God.  Matthew's message focuses on Jesus as the Messiah.  Mark's message focuses on Jesus as the suffering servant.  Luke's message focuses on Jesus being the Son of man.

The Eternal Word; John's Witness: The True Light; The Word Becomes Flesh; A Voice in the Wilderness; The Lamb of God; The First Disciples; Philip and Nathanael

Water Turned to Wine; Jesus Cleanses the Temple; The Discerner of Hearts
The New Birth;
John the Baptist Exalts Christ
A Samaritan Woman Meets Her Messiah;
The Whitened Harvest;
The Savior of the World;
Welcome at Galilee;
A Nobleman's Son Healed.
A Man Healed at the Pool of Bethesda;
Honor the Father and the Son;
Life and Judgment Are Through the Son;
The Fourfold Witness
Feeding the Five Thousand;
Jesus Walks on the Sea;
The Bread from Heaven;
Rejected by His Own;
Many Disciples Turn Away;
Jesus' Brothers Disbelieve;
The Heavenly Scholar;
Could This Be the Christ?
Jesus and the Religious Leaders;
The Promise of the Holy Spirit;
Who Is He?
Rejected by the Authorities
Jesus Defends His Self-Witness;
Jesus Predicts His Departure;
The Truth Shall Make You Free;
Abraham's Seed and Satan's;
Before Abraham Was, I AM;
A Man Born Blind Receives Sight;
The Pharisees Excommunicate the Healed Man;
True Vision and True Blindness

Jesus the True Shepherd;
Jesus the Good Shepherd;
The Shepherd Knows His Sheep;
Renewed Efforts to Stone Jesus;
The Believers Beyond Jordan