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2 Samuel

Saul started out ordained by God and surrounded by godly men.  The Lord's annointing was on him.  But Saul wasn't obedient, he failed to submit to the Lord.  Samuel told Saul that the Lord had torn away the kingdom.  But Saul still reigned for 41 years before his tragic death.  The Lord had cleared the way; there were no successors to the throne since all of Saul's sons were also killed. 

Now, in 2 Samuel, the Lord brings David to the throne.  While it seemed like it took a long time for the Lord to move Saul out, it was God's perfect timing.  During this time David had also been annointed and told he would rule.  So David was learning patience and trust of the Lord; he was being prepared to serve God and the people as king.

Saul was disobedient and didn't have a heart for the Lord.  We see that David has a heart for the Lord but also falls to sin.  When he fails he repents, and sees his error,returns to the Lord and renews his trust.  Second Samuel is the story of the good and the bad of David's reign.    

The Report of Saul's Death
The Song of the Bow
David anointed King of Judah
Ishbosheth made king of Israel
Israel and Judah at war
Sons of David
Abner Joins Forces with David
Joab murders Abner
David's mourning for Abner
Ishbosheth is murdered
David Reigns over all of Israel
The conquest of Jerusalem
The Philistines defeated
The Ark Brought to Jerusalem'
God's Covenant with David
David's thanksgiving to God
David's further conquests
David's administration
David's kindness to Mephibosheth
The Ammonites and Syrians Defeated