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What advice does a proverb offer the individual?

  • Work hard
  • Obey your parents
  • Save your money, but don't be stingy
  • Give first fruits to the Lord
  • Tell the truth
  • Speak carefully and softly
  • Love and honor your spouse
  • Respect authority
  • Instruct and discipline you children
  • Be generous to the poor

 There are three types of people who are found to be in desparate need of wisdom.  These people are losing the battle on all fronts.

  • The scorner
    • They mock God's wisdom and don't accept it.
    • Prov 14:6 – It's too high for them, although they'd never admit it. 
    • Prov 21:24 – They think they know everything.
    • The word 'Scorner" means to 'make a mouth'.  We can imagine these folks making faces in mockery at God's principals.
    • Prov 9:7-8; 13:1 - Rebuke does no good.
    • In the end, he rejected wisdom & listened to folly leading to destruction (Prov 1:24-27; 6;32).
  • The fool (ex. Nabal of 1 Sam 25)
    • This person is dense and sluggish in thought.
    • They are careless in decision, or lack of decision.
    • They are self satisfied in their life and decisions.
    • The fool hates instruction (Prov 1:7, 22).
    • The fool is self-confident (Prov 12:15)
    • The fool talks without thinking (Prov 29:11)
    • The fool mocks at sin (Prov 14:9)
    • The fool rejected wisdom & listened to folly leading to death (Prov 5:22,23; 8:36)
  • The simple
    • The simple are gullible, believing everything and every body.
    • They lack discernment (Prov 14:15)
    • The simple are led astray and decieved easily by others (Prov 7:7).
    • They can't plan ahead or plot their steps to avoice pitfalls; they end up constantly in trouble (Prov 22:3).
    • In the end, they listened to folly & reject wisdom and go to hell (Prov 9:18; 7:27).

 The wise person is held in contrast to the three people above (This wisdom begins with fear of the Lord; Prov 2:6, 9:10)

  •  They listen to instruction (Prov 1:5)
  • The wise man obeys what they hear (Prov 10:8)
  • The wise man stores up knowledge of lessons learned (Prov 10:14)
  • Others are led to the Lord by way of the wise person (Prov 11:30)
  • The wise man has learned to flee from sin (Prov 14:16)
  • The wise understand the damage words can cause and guard their tongue (Prov 16:23)
  • The wise are consistent and diligent in their daily responsibilities (Prov 10:5)
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