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The name Malachi means 'my messenger' or "the Lord's messenger"; so the Malachi could be a generic term for the prophet or the prophet's specific name.  The writing is dated about 430 BC. which is about hundred years after returning from exile.  Haggai and Zechariah ministered during the rebuilding of the temple; and while they did get the temple complete, the people had not adopted a long-term devotion to the Lord and His ways. 


Malachi deals with the priests and then the people who had shown such willful disobedience to the Lord.  The attitude of the people is revealed as feeling some superiority over God.  They dare to question God's judgment and attempt to bring Him down to their human understanding of their human morality. 


As we read this, we have the opportunity to evaluate our own attitude and probe the depth of our commitment and devotion to the Lord.  Is our worship sincere?  Is there fruit in our life to stands as evidence to our relationship with Him 

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