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There was a boy who badly wanted a bike..


The boy then asked his parents to buy him a blue bike.  His parents could not afford to buy one and they encouraged him to pray and ask God for his request. The next day, the boy went to his room to pray. "Oh, gracious and loving heavenly Father.  If it would be your will, I would like a new blue bike…….In the garage, tomorrow morning.  


The next day, the boy woke up and excitedly ran to their garage only to see that there was no bike. The boy again went to his room to pray. "In the name of Jesus, I rebuke the devil who denies thy blessings.  Jesus, don't let the devil keep you from bringing me a blue bike.  Don't let him win, Jesus.  For Yours is the kingdom and the Power, Amen"


The next day, the boy woke up and checked to see if the bike was in their garage. Again, no bike.  The boy was deeply disappointed.  His mother saw him in deep thought; he seemed depressed.  He left the house for a while and returned carrying a small statue of Mary.  He walked through the house, out the back, into the woods.  Ten minutes later he returned empty handed and went straight to his room.


Curious, his mom listened at the door when he began to pray again.  "Jesus, If you ever want to see your mother again…… Buy me a bike"



How crazy we must appear to the unbelieving world.  What is required to have a meaningful and fulfilling life?  Sometimes its just a blue bike.  Some say hope and love - but you could get this could be a dog and lottery ticket though.  Others have said passion - you might ask, 'passion for what?  Why?  Why bother?'


One group outlined it this way:

  • Belonging – being understood, recognized and affirmed as adding value, being loved.
  • Purpose – having long-term goals for life; vision.
  • Storytelling – being a key player in overcoming great trials, defeating enemies, climbing mountains and standing strong.
  • Transcendence – having experiences that fill us with awe and wonder; rising above the every day world to something greater. 

Some others said Hope for the future, live for the moment and celebrate our experiences.  But what if the hope doesn't turn out like you think it should?  What if its raining when you want to live for the moment?  What if you have no one to celebrate with?  Is all lost?  Do you give up?  Many have?  Many do, daily.


Solomon would say, "It's all meaningless, unless……."  Unless you have something foundational.  A rock that never moves.  Something that sticks with you through all of life; all darkness, light, grief, joy, pain, sorrow and affliction.   This would quiet our spirit and remind us we are blessed in the good times as well as speak in our quietness and remind us we are not alone in our brokenness.  We need a light that doesn't dim, a flavor that doesn't lose its taste, a source of strength without end, a hope that goes on forever, wisdom that stands alone, peace that surpasses understanding.


It's all meaningless, unless……We know the 'unless' is a life born in Jesus. 


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