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Jeremiah was commissioned to be a prophet before he was conceived.  He embarked on a 40-year ministry centered around Judah.  Jeremiah means "Yah will rise."  Jeremiah was thrown into the center of the mess that Judah had made of their relationship with the Lord.  He was persecuted by his own people, by those he ministered to, as he called them to repentance and encouraged them to submit to Babylon the tool of the Lord's judgment.  He is referred to as the weeping prophet because of his grief and mourning for his nation and people.  His public ministry started in the 13th year of king Josiah who presided over a brief revival.  The final four kings all led the nation toward judgment.  Jeremiah was forcibly taken to Egypt and it was there he apparently died.  His life serves as an example for those called to ministry in the face of opposition.


Jeremiah is the longest book in the bible (by Hebrew word count).  Some consider it the most valuable.  Remember as you read that the chapters are not in chronological order.  The writing is simple and easy to connect to.    

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Valley of Slaughter
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