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Lamentations was written during the time of exile in Babylon.  It is the heartfelt lamentation of the writer after being torn from their land, separated from all they knew, from Jerusalem and the temple due to their rebellion and subsequent judgment.  Traditions says it was written by Jeremiah when he made his way from Egypt to Babylon.  He wrote these five poems to show that to disobey God was to invite disaster.  But also, to show that God also suffers when his people suffer.   It was written in about 586B.C. right after the fall of Jerusalem.  The book is a dirge or funeral song written for the death of Jerusalem. 

Author: Topic:
Lamentation of the Forlorn and Desolate City
The Great Suffering of Zion
The Man of Affliction
The Lament of All That's Lost
Sufferings of the Siege