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2 Peter

Second Peter
Peter was from Bethsaida and later moved to Capernaum.  You can see the remains of Peter’s house in Capernaum today.  Peter was married and his wife accompanied him in his ministry (Mark 1:29-31 and 1 Corinthian 9:5).  According to tradition Peter had to watch as his wife was crucified.  He reportedly encouraged her by telling her to ‘remember the Lord’.  When it was Peter’s turn to be crucified he said he wasn’t worthy to be crucified like the Lord and chose to be crucified upside down.


Simon Peter spoke Aramaic and he was not educated in the law.  He was a fisherman and he shows up first in John 1.  His brother Andrew hears Jesus speak and runs to tell Simon that he had found the Messiah.  Andrew brought him Jesus.  Jesus said to Peter that he will be called Cephas or Peter which means stone.  In Matthew 16:13 we see that Jesus is at Caesarea Philippi where Peter answers Jesus’ question that he was the Christ and Son of the living God.  Jesus proclaimed him to be Peter.  Jesus said he would build his church on the rock.   Jesus would build His church on the confession that Christ was the Son of the Living God.  Some have confused the proclamation of Christ to be a determination of building His church on Peter.  See 1 Corinthians 12:4 that Jesus is the rock.   


Just like Israel and Jacob, Peter had 2 names.  The name of Simon was used in worldly and sinful nature contexts.  Where Peter is his spiritual name and used to reveal him as a saint.  Through this we can each see we each have these 2 natures and can relate to Peter.


Peter wrote his first letter to encourage beleivers in their faith as persecution broke out against them.  There were attacks from the outside as they were killed and tortured for their faith.  However, Peter was also concerned about the attacks from the inside.  There were false teachers and false prophets that were attempting to pick apart many facets of the faith.  The second letter was written almost imediately after the first.  Peter continued to be concerned with the same things he wrote about in the first letter.  This is essentially Peters last words as he died shortly after writing this letter. 

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