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1 Timothy

The book of 1st Timothy is a letter from Paul written to Timothy.  Timothy was Paul's 'son in the faith.'  Timothy was from Lystra which is in the region of Galatia, which would be in the area of modern day western Turkey.  Paul visited Lystra first on his first missionary journey, which was in 48A.D.  When Paul brought his message of the gospel to Lystra, Timothy was saved along with many others there.


This letter is a pastoral epistle but we shouldn't think that this isn't for everyone.  In this letter we see the doctrines of God laid out and applied in the church setting.  We see these things aren't just for the pastor or for leaders of the church but they are for everyone.  We should all be leaders of our own ministry.  Together we make up the church.  The church sits under the leadership of a man, the pastor, and together they all sit under the headship of Jesus Christ.  So we can all learn from this letter.


Paul and Timothy met originally in that God ordained appointment in 48 AD.  Then Paul called Timothy to follow him in 50AD.  And now, in 62AD we see Paul writing a more seasoned thirty something year old man.  Paul never stopped being Timothy's spiritual father.  Timothy was mentored by Paul but not just as a student of the faith or as a Pastor's pastor, we'll see that Timothy was also like a son to Paul.

The setting and characters of 1 Timothy.
Paul begins to minister to Timothy as a father in the faith. The Lord was working through Timothy. He needed to stay put and stand fast in the faith in this difficult place.
Battles of the Good Fight
The church needs sound leadership.
Paul helps Timothy establish standards of conduct and good stewardship in the church.t all starts with sound doctrine.
Order, conduct and good stewardship.
Paul's message to Timothy is like a message to the front lines from the general relaying the words of the commander in chief.