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The Book of Psalms

Psalms can be viewed in 3 different lights;  the primary interpretation are the experiences of David.  Then there is the direct application to Israel.  And then there is the general application to God’s people anywhere, anytime.



Do you see yourself in the Psalms?  Do you see how the feelings and thoughts of the Pslamists are very much like our own?  How would you describe the God addressed in the Psalms?  Do you see Him differently today?  God is the same today as he has always been.  We can see a personal God that has mercy and grace and we can also see the vengenance of a sovereign God.  This same God rules in our lives and our world today.  The Psalms were made to meditate on and sing in praise and worship.  They offer comfort and hope when you stand in dire circumstances.  They speak truth into your life when nothing makes sense.  The Psalms are food to the soul and touch that part of us that longs for the eternal.


Faith in God's Righteousness
The treachery of men and the constancy of God.
Folly of the Godless; God's final triumph.
Folly of the Godless; and God's final triumph.
The character of those who may dwell with the Lord.
The hope of the faithful and Messiah's victory
Prayer of confidence in final salvation.
Praise to the Lord for deliverance.
The works and the word of God.
A prayer of victory over enemies.