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Psalm 2

By Pastor Doug
The Messiah's triumph and Kingdom.

This Psalm is quoted or referenced at least 18 times in the New Testament.  According to Acts 4:25 this Psalm was written by David and may have after the events of 2 Samuel 5:17-25, 8:1-14; 10:1-19. 


You might read this Psalm and see a vicious and untamable animal trying to tear away from the leash that binds it to its master.  The attempts to be free of God are in vain.  The only real freedom comes from submission to God and doing His will.  By our nature we attempt to distance ourselves from a God who makes accounting for our unrighteousness.  Before we put our trust in Christ we were driven by doing things our way, to please us and make us happy.  When we trust in Christ we are no longer at enmity with God and our sins were paid for on the cross.  Suddenly we are standing on the other side, looking back at where we once stood.  We see others at odds with God, trying to tear away from Him, not even understanding that's what they are doing.  


 There are 4 voices here.  We hear the voice of the nations first.  That nations plot against God in vain.  P.T. Forsyth, a British theologian, said, "The first duty of every soul is to find not its freedom but it's Master."  The rulers gather against God, they shake their fist at Him and declare war.  The world is anti-Christ and wishes to throw off the restrictions of Christ.  The bands or restrictions might be marriage, family, heterosexuality, or acknowledgment of him as creator.


The next voice is that of the Father.  God will laugh that the world will take up war against him.  See Isaiah 45:21-25.  He isn't the least bit worried that man is raging against Him.  Then He will speak in His wrath.  Do we really have any concept of His wrath?  Is there any way we can really imagine the fearful power of God when He is angry?  


The next voice we hear is that of the Son.  The nations will be the inheritance of Jesus Christ.  See Revelation 2:27 and Revelation 12:5.  The Father has promised complete victory to the Son.  The enemies of God will be crushed.  He is King and Conquerer.


Finally we hear the voice of the Spirit.  We are to be wise; instructed in our ways.  The Spirit speaks first to the nations and leaders.  There is a biblical responsibility in leadership that God will hold those who lead accountable.  The Spirit points to the Son; the kiss is homage.  In the ancient world the vassal rulers would show their obedience to their king by kissing his hand or cheek.  We are to worship him.