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The original name, like several books, was the first Hebrew word.  In Leviticus "And He Called" was the original title.  Leviticus means 'pertaining to the Levites' and actually comes from the Latin Vulgate version of Greek OT.  However, the book isn't just for the priests of Levite; it's speaking of the system of the laws as they are administered by the Levitical Priesthood.  The law was given to Moses on Mt Sinai and then clarified and explained in the wilderness and in preparation to enter the promised land.  The Lord gave Moses the pattern of the tabernacle and the community was moved to build it together.  The book of Exodus ends with the completion of the tabernacle, the preparation and consecration of the tabernacle and priests and then the cloud of the Lord covered it and filled it.  The book of Leviticus continues where the book of Exodus leaves off. 

  • Exodus occurred in 1445BC
  • The tabernacle was finished one year later.
  • Leviticus begins at the completion of the tabernacle.
  • The book of Numbers begins about a month or so later.


The Burnt Offering
The Grain Offering
The Peace Offering
The Sin Offering
The Trespass Offering
Offerings without Restitution
Sin Offering cont'd
The Law of Burnt Offering
The Law of the Grain Offering
The Law of the Sin Offering
The Law of Trespass Offering
The Law of Peace Offering
Fat and Blood May Not Be Eaten
The Portion of Aaron and His Sons
Aaron and His Sons Consecrated
The Priestly Ministry Begins
Profane Fire From Nadab and Abihu