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Numbers is the fourth book of the law.  The book was written about 1405 B.C. in the last year of Moses' life.  The first 10 chapters detail the census of Israel and the organization of the camp.  This is the logistics of the camp and the forming of military to prepare for conquest.  After that, the narrative begins, picking up where Leviticus left off. 

The First Census of Israel
The Tribes and Leaders by Armies
The Sons of Aaron
The Levites Serve in the Tabernacle
Census of the Levites Commanded
Levites Dedicated Instead of the Firstborn
Duties of the Sons of Kohath
Duties of the Sons of Gershon
Duties of the Sons of Merari
Census of the Levites
Ceremonially Unclean Persons Isolated
Confession and Restitution
Concerning Unfaithful Wives
The Law of the Nazirite
The Priestly Blessing
Offerings of the Leaders
Arrangement of the Lamps
Cleansing and Dedication of the Levites
The Second Passover
The Cloud and the Fire
Two Silver Trumpets
Departure from Sinai