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1 Kings

The book of first kings opens with the passing of King David and we see Solomon established as king.  Then the kingdom is divided into Judah and Israel.



Judah                                       Israel

Rehoboam      931-913             Jeroboam 1     931-910

Abijah(Abijam) 913-911              Nadab             910-909

Asa                911-870             Baasha            909-886

Jehoshaphat   873-848              Elah                886-885

Jerhoram        853-841             Zimri              885

Ahaziah          841                    Tibni               885-880

Athaliah          841-835             Omri              885-874

Joash             835-796              Ahab              874-853

Amaziah         796-767              Ahaziah          853-852

Azariah          790-739              Joram             852-841

(Uzziah)                                   (Jehoram)

Jotham          750-731              Jehu                841-814

Ahaz             735-715               Jehoahaz         814-798

Hezekiah       715-686               Jehoash(Joash)798-782

Manasseh      695-642               Jeroboam II     793-753

Amon            642-640               Zechariah        753

Josiah           640-609               Shallum           752

Jehoahaz       609                      Menahem        752-742

Jehoiakim     609-597                Pekahiah         742-740

Jehoiachin     597                      Pekah              752-732

Zedekiah       597-586               Hoshea            732-722


Adonijah presumes to be King
David proclaims Solomon King
David's instruction to Solomon
Death of David
Solomon Executes Adonijah
Abiathar Exiled, Joab executed
Shimei Executed
Solomon Requests Wisdom
Solomon's wise Judgment
Solomon's Administration
Prosperity and Wisdom of Solomon's reign
Solomon Prepares to Build the Temple
Solomon Builds the Temple
Solomon's Other Buildings
Hiram the Craftsman
The Bronze Pillars for the Temple
The Sea and Oxen
The Carts and Lavers
Furnishings of the Temple
The Ark brought into the Temple
Solomon's speech at completion of the Work
Solomon's Prayer of Dedication
Solomon Blesses the Assembly
Solomon Dedicates the Temple
God's second Appearance to Solomon
Solomon and Hiram Exchange Gifts
Solomon's Additional Achievements
The Queen of Sheba's Praise of Solomon
Solomon's great Wealth