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1 Corinthians

The book of
1st Corinthians
Corinth was a giant cultural melting pot of 200,000 free and 400,000 slaves.  There was a diversity of religions and moral standards.  It was an important seaport on the Aegean Sea.  It was situated on a narrow strip of land between two bodies of water.  Instead of sailing all the way around to get to the other sea, most sea captains carried or rolled their ships across this narrow strip of land to reach the other side.  This put Corinth right in the middle of the major shipping routes.  Because it was so prosperous it was also full of corruption.  Idolatry was rampant; there were a dozen pagan temples with thousands of prostitutes.  Corinth had such a reputation that prostitutes in other cities were being called "Corinthian Girls".  To be Corinthianized was to involved with gross immorality and drunken debauchery. 


The epistle was written in 55 A.D.   Paul was most likely in Ephesus on his third missionary journey when he wrote this.


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The city of Corinth; disisions; worldly wisdom verses the wisdom of God.
Spiritual wisdom
Sectarianism; building on a firm foundation; the church is the temple.
Stewards of the mysteries of God; Fools for Christ's sake; Paul's Paternal care.
Immorality in the church; Immorality must be judged.
Do not sue the brethren; Glorify God in Body and Spirit.
Principles of marriage; Paul answers the questions asked by the Corinthian believers pertaining to marriage.
The Conscience
A pattern of Self-denial; serving all men; striving for a crown.
Old Testament examples; fleeing idolatry; doing all for the glory of God.