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Isaiah study & commentary

In 1947 in cave 1 of Qumran a complete copy of the Isaiah scroll was found among the Dead Sea scrolls.  There was no difference in the text found with the texts used to write our bible. 


The first 39 chapters seem to be different than the last 27.  The first 39 carry the message of judgment of sin.  The second part brings the message of forgiveness, comfort and hope. The book of Isaiah has the same layout as the bible.  The first 39 books bring the message of sin and its judgement.  We see the holiness of God and his requirements.  Then in the 27 books of the New Testament we see our hope, forgiveness and comfort made available by our redeemer.


Some scholars believe there was more than one person who wrote Isaiah.  Jesus quotes Isaiah 53 in John 12:38 and then he quotes Isaiah 6 in John 12:40.  Verse 39 of John says that Isaiah said again.  So Isaiah said both verses; one from the 1st part of Isaiah and the other from the second part.  This puts to rest the critics who say Isaiah didn't write the entire book. 


Isaiah was a man of rank.  He had direct access to the king.  Isaiah is the highest level of Hebrew writing.  There are many writing styles used in the book.  There are encryptions contained in the book. 


Isaiah was married and had 2 sons.  Tradition says he was Martyred by Manasseh by being sawn in half.  Hebrews 11 talks of prophets sawn asunder. 


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The Wickedness of Judah;
The Degenerate City
The Future House of God;
The Day of the LORD
Judgment on Judah and Jerusalem;
Oppression and Luxury Condemned
The renewal of Zion
God's Disappointing Vineyard
Impending Judgment on Excesses
Isaiah Called to Be a Prophet
Isaiah Sent to King Ahaz;
The Immanuel Prophecy
Assyria Will Invade the Land;
Fear God, Heed His Word
The Government of the Promised Son;
The Punishment of Samaria
Arrogant Assyria Also Judged;
The Returning Remnant of Israel