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2 Chronicles

The book of Chronicles is written to tell the story of God's people from the garden to the return from exile. From there the story is continued in Ezra and Nehemiah. While we see the book parallels 2nd Samuel, and 1st and 2nd kings at times, it often gives more information regarding the kings of Judah. It is primarily concerned with the line of David and the histroy of the kings of Judah. This was important and necessary history to Ezra as the Jews came back from Babylon.

Solomon Requests Wisdom
Solomon's Military and Economic Power
Solomon Prepares to Build
Solomon Builds the Temple
Furnishing the Temple
The Ark Brought into the Temple
Solomon's Speech upon Completion of the Work
Solomon's Prayer of Dedication
Solomon's Additional Achievements
Solomon Dedicates the Temple
God's Second Appearance to Solomon
The Revolt Against Rehoboam
The Queen of Sheba's Praise of Solomon
Solomon's Great Wealth
Death of Solomon